B is for Beltane

Beltane falls just after my birthday, and this year I’m hoping to go to a communal celebration in the UK, as I live in France. 

Beltane, for me, is a festival to be celebrated just as all the others. I’m not one who just celebrate the ‘important’ festivals, I need no reason to celebrate anything, in fact! I’ve always celebrated Beltane as May Day for as long as I can remember, and it was all about going on rides, buying things, eating sweets, meeting friends and having fun. Although now I think I’m older, its time to start looking at the meaning behind Beltane, and celebrate more on the symbolism of the beginning of the welcoming of summer and the invoking of fertility (my SO will be happy with the latter…).


A is for Astral Projection

(wow Youtube, your anti-shaky edit makes me feel sea-sick.)

Friday 11/01/2013
I’ve decided to go with Astral Projection this week, I know squat all about it, so watch me ramble and while I amble through Evreux forest.